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Recorded summer of 2012 by Roman Tovar at Lee College.


released September 8, 2012

Tanner Hearren-guitar & vocals
Buddy Church-bass
Chris Lopez-drums



all rights reserved


DAPHNE Houston, Texas

Tanner, Chris, & Buddy.

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Track Name: Fur
Last night I had a dream that you came to me from the dead

You appeared to me in the parking lot at work

I rushed outside in the middle of an order I was taking

And I clasped onto your fur

Why's everything gotta die?

Why can't I just stay asleep?

I do a little less damage that way

Kid's don't say the same

The sidewalk, it sings to me when I fall down and get a scraped knee

When I get a scraped knee, when I had a bad dream
Track Name: Blue Lacy
You're thinking that I don't mind

The amount of guys you can see

From the peak in which you live

I'm not gonna let you do what you'd do anyway

You are rainbow fish, passing out your scales

I am Orca whale, trying my hardest to impress you

I've just gotta have you know

That it hurts my heart to know that I won't see any fish anytime soon

And it hurts to feel that my echoes locate you and you don't even know

Can I decifer this? Can I decifer the half-felt words you told me?

It's a centripetal motion, do you know how it feels?

Do you know how it feels? Yes you do.

Then why did you do it? Did I do that to you?

Do you know how it feels? Yes you do.

Then why did you do it? Did I do that to you?
Track Name: 146 Girls
The sun sets on you
I'll do as you tell me to
Yeah, I'll lay in bed
Talk on the phone with you
I've hated every part
Of this talk we had
I like the preconceived
I barely know your frame
And if I lose faith, you'll hear the dial tone
And I'll erase your number from my phone
You said to do the wrong thing
I'd hate to say the wrong thing
You said to do the wrong thing
So I did it.
Do you know how much it hurt to know that I had been bested?
You can set my sun
And the moon can meet Christ
I've got sores on my soul
Your clean wrists cleanse the spring
Will you come back home like a dog that strayed away?
Track Name: Oddium Wanderus
Solar rays from your eyes, retracing my steps back to the light
And I'll be there, holding my own hand as a kid
Back when the best part of getting caught
Was showing up late and cuttin' up
Where were you?
Moonlight, failure
Requiem, clover
I'll send a letter I shouldn't send
I'll tell them that I've reached my end.
Don't look up to me.